Customer Service

Customer Care

Jewelry Care

Fine jewelry needs to be taken care of. We suggest you check your jewelry every so often to make sure that all the stones and fastenings are safe and secure.

If you have purchased your jewelry from us we offer cleaning and check-up at no charge. We do not recommend sleeping in your necklaces or earrings. Silver jewelry can tarnish in chlorine, and leather or cord can deteriorate in water.

If you have any questions about jewelry care, or our customer service please do not
hesitate to contact us.


Jewelry Sizing and Repairs

Sofia Jewelry is a full service jewelry store, and we take care of
all your jewelry needs, whether you have purchased from us or not.

We offer one free sizing if you have purchased your ring from us,
additional sizing is charged at current metal pricing plus

We guarantee all our jewelry, if you take care of it, so will we.

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